Marketing Plan Development


Marketing plans are the strategic direction that you will take over the next 1-3 years to accelerate sales, win and retain more customers, and thwart competitive encroachments.  It is the road map that identifies how you will pinpoint your customers’ needs, message your solutions, fund your initiatives, direct your staff, and measure your success.

Developing marketing plans is a challenging and significant undertaking.  It is often overlooked simply because of limited time and resources.  You are, after all, busy dealing with the day-to-day operations that require your immediate attention.

Let SMTD partner with you to develop your marketing plan while you continue to focus on the daily operations. You will be involved in every step, but we will do the heavy lifting.

We will leverage your current data, assess your market, analyze your competitors, and identify issues that you can control and those you cannot.  We will develop an effective and functional marketing plan that will clearly communicate the solutions your customers need to hear.  We will identify the tactical steps you need to deploy to maximize sales acceleration, thwart competitive encroachments, and retain customers for the long-term.

Our goal is to partner with you to maximize your short-term successes while developing your long-term opportunities. 

Contract Marketing Professionals

Many marketing teams could use extra talent to advance critical projects, but budgets restrict hiring full-time marketers. We can be that scalable asset you need to drive your marketing initiatives.

SMTD's Contract Marketing Professionals (CMPs) are marketing executives who have launched products and led marketing teams in the bio/pharma, diagnostics, medical device, and medical supply segments.

Our CMPs provide the talent you need to accelerate your sales with only a short-term investment. Whether you need to drive your primary initiatives (those that are critical to your success right now), or secondary initiatives (those that require further development in order to become primary initiatives) we are that accelerator for you.

Recent projects have included brand plan development, marketing program assessment and evaluation, new processes/services oversight and implementation, new marketing team development, product launches, vendor management, and contract negotiation.