Multi-Year Training Strategy

Multi-Year Training Strategy

Can marketing drive sales without a sales team?  Unlikely.

Can your sales team drive the sales without a marketing plan?  Probably not very well.

Are your products so good that you do not need sales and marketing?  Doubtful. 

There is an inherent balance between sales and marketing.  That balance is the training strategy.

Most successful sales companies have sales training strategies that are linked to sales and marketing strategies. While that sounds painfully obvious, just ask yourself this:

“Do my training strategies drive the success of my Sales & Marketing Strategies?”

Don't be surprised if your answer is "No."

Marketers typically develop one- and three-year marketing plans. Your training team needs to develop a complementary training plan that activates the multi-year marketing plan. Training departments need to secure the resources and develop new clinical, technical, and selling behaviors.   These should be developed months or even sometimes years ahead of new product launches.  Planning ahead for new launches while keeping an eye on current sales objectives is a delicate balance that requires effective strategies and tactics.

We will partner with you to design the most effective, flexible, behavioral-based training strategy to exceed your 1-3 year sales and marketing goals. Your new training strategy will become the step-by-step road map where sales reps and sales managers develop and deploy those new behaviors that accelerate sales, develop long-term customer relationships, and thwart your competitors.