Sales Models:  Activating Selling Behaviors

Imagine your sales team with a “close ratio” that accelerates sales beyond expectations, drives customer loyalty with repeat sales, and baffles your competitors. This is what we mean by “activating selling behaviors.”

Selling behaviors do not come from reading “how to sell” books. They don’t come from “trial and error.” Too many customers have been lost forever when reps have “tried” in error.

They come from skill development and intense practice that converts those skills into repeatable, measureable, and successful behaviors (Return on Behavior). Selling behaviors requires a sales method, often called a “sales model.” It is the “how” you sell.

Sales Models:  Activating Selling Behaviors

When successfully deployed, these behaviors will accelerate sales, develop long-term customer relationships, and thwart competitive encroachments.

If you do not have a successful sales model, we’ll develop one for you based specifically on your market, customer, products, and buying cycle. We’ll also develop the coaching model that reinforces, encourages, and measures these new behaviors.

If you have a model that is not generating the sales you need, we will help you reset expectations, create metrics, and assist your coaches and reps to reengage so you can begin to achieve your sales acceleration quickly.