Sales Training

Simply put, Sales Accelerating Behaviors are those that change the behaviors of your customers so they use your products instead of a competitor’s.  They are behaviors focused solely on your customers’ known and unknown problems that you and your product can solve.  They are behaviors that help your customers stay your customers.

 They are your selling DNA.

You can actually see behaviors in action: they are measurable.  Either your sale reps did them or they didn’t.  They were done well or they weren't.  While we cannot give you an ROI on sales training (no one can!), we can give you an ROB – Return on Behavior.

Those behaviors should be:

  1. Customer-focused
  2. Well trained
  3. Expertly executed
  4. Routinely coached

If done extraordinarily well, your ROB accelerates sales in less time while winning customers for the long-term.