Contract Sales Professionals

Many companies like yours have highly paid field sales professionals calling on high potential accounts.


You also have many secondary accounts with significant potential that these highly paid field sales professionals cannot get to frequently enough to effectively drive sales. Perhaps they are beyond major metropolitan areas or require your reps to get on a plane just to conduct a sales call. This is where SMTD’s Contract Sales Professionals can help you accelerate sales.

Our CSPs, whether field-based or inside sales, serve many functions including selling to those secondary/tertiary accounts, generating leads for your existing field teams, and profiling accounts in anticipation of a new product launch. SMTD can help you to accelerate sales without breaking your budget.

Here are just a handful of activities our field and office-based CSPs can do for you to create a force multiplier:

  • Branded and non-branded messaging
    • Field sales visits or via telephone/video stream
  • Sampling  
  • Provide administrative/sales support to FTE sales team for high-decile accounts
  • Direct sales accountability for lower-decile accounts  
  • Account profiling prior to product launch
  • Event recruiting & market research execution
  • Vacant territory management

Our CSPs go through significant training so they know your products as well as you do:

  • Rigorous training and testing
  • Robust role-plays to demonstrate product knowledge, professional salesmanship, and ability to successfully address FAQs and objections
  • Specific coaching to maintain and improve skills, behaviors, and performance

SMTD’s Contract Sale Professionals are the accelerators you need to drive more sales with more customers.